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  • 2023-09-25
    Mid-Autumn Festival| Optimix Volunteers Extend Holiday Blessing to the Elderly in Siu Sai Wan
    On 25 September 2023, Optimix, in collaboration with a Siu Sai Wan Volunteer Team, held the "Celebrating Mid-Autumn with Your Heart" event in the area, spreading holiday cheer to approximately 300 elderly residents during the Mid-Autumn Festival.   To bring care to the community, Optimix specially prepared 300 sets of low-sugar mooncakes from Orbis to share the joy of the festival with Siu Sai Wan neighbors. With joyful smiles, the neighbors graciously accepted the mooncakes from us, exchanging holiday blessings with one another.   That day, the volunteer team visited the families in the estate who have mobility difficulties with radiant smiles and enthusiasm. Being able to deliver delicious mooncakes to the hands of the elderly and experiencing their joy and gratitude made us feel greatly satisfied.   Through this event, Optimix not only gave back to the community but also demonstrated a commitment to social responsibility. We will continue to support various charitable activities and make more contributions to the community grassroots.
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  • 2023-09-15
    Optimix Achieves Dual Triumph with "Environmental" and "Volunteerism" Awards!
    As a pioneering dry mortar company dedicated to product development and manufacturing, we hold a profound appreciation for safeguarding Earth's resources and making meaningful contributions to society. Our unrelenting commitment to environmental protection and volunteerism has borne fruit once more, as Optimix proudly clinches not one, but two prestigious honors: the "EcoPartner & 5 Years+ EcoPioneer of BOCHK Corporate Low-Carbon Environmental Leadership Awards 2022" and the "2022 Annual CISVP Corporate Award for Activeness (SME Group Bronze)". These accolades underscore Optimix's unwavering dedication to sustainable growth and societal well-being.   For Optimix, these awards encapsulate more than just recognition; they epitomize the tangible results of our endeavors in sustainable development and volunteer services. They amplify the impact of our strides in carbon emission reduction and environmental preservation, inspiring a tangible blueprint for sustainable progress. Furthermore, they underscore our proactive engagement and contribution to community volunteer initiatives.   Continuing forward, Optimix remains steadfast in championing environmental preservation, energy efficiency, carbon footprint reduction, and vigorous participation in community volunteer undertakings. Buoyed by these remarkable awards, we are resolute in our mission to foster collaborative partnerships across Hong Kong's diverse sectors, crafting a future that's ecologically conscious and socially enriching. 
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  • 2023-08-14
    【Breaking News】Optimix Zhuhai Production Base Becomes the First Standardized Dry Mortar Testing Lab in Zhuhai
    With the dynamic growth of the dry mortar industry, the demand for comprehensive in-house testing is becoming increasingly intricate. This year, the Dry Mortar Branch of the China Building Materials Federation, along with an esteemed judging panel, initiated a rigorous evaluation for standardized dry mortar testing labs. Amidst over a hundred industry laboratories assessed, we're thrilled to announce that Optimix Zhuhai production plant has emerged as an honored recipient and remarkably, the solitary achiever from Zhuhai!   The primary objective of this assessment is to elevate the in-house testing standard and to foster a more regulated industry environment. By rigorously scrutinizing laboratory personnel, equipment, and company management, the evaluation strives to standardize and reinforce in-house testing capabilities and administration. This, in turn, not only amplifies market competitiveness but also bolsters transparent company oversight.   At Optimix, we are unyielding in our quest to pioneer novel dimensions in dry mortar technology, steadfastly pursuing sustainable development. Our commitment rests in crafting environmentally conscious mortar that remains aligned with the spirit of the times, thereby contributing extensively to a high-quality developmental landscape.   Stay tuned for more transformative updates as we embark on this journey toward a more sustainable and innovative future!
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  • 2023-06-30
    Optimix Supports "Construction Industry Lo Pan Rice" Campaign for 3 Consecutive Year
    Optimix has always been supportive of various social welfare activities, connecting the community through different means with a commitment to fostering an inclusive society and creating value through community investment. Since 2021, Optimix Volunteer Team has participated in the "Construction Industry Lo Pan Rice" campaign for the third time, distributing packed meals to grassroots families and ethnic minorities groups, offering care and warmth.   Last month, the volunteer team once again mobilized and collaborated with YMCA Jordan Centre to dispense 150 boxed meals to the families in the area. Through this act of care and providing nourishment, we stand together with them in times of adversity.   We would like to express our gratitude the Construction Industry Council for organizing this event and the YMCA staff for their on-site assistance. We look forward to continuing our community contributions, actively collaborating with different organizations, working together to drive change, and helping meet the diverse needs of the community, all while creating social value.
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  • 2023-06-30
    Optimix Awarded the Outstanding ESG and Smart Living Enterprise 2023" Accolade
    From enterprise management, product R&D to manufacturing process, Optimix has always been actively implementing intelligent and data driven technologies to reduce carbon emissions. We have taken numerous measures to contribute to the sustainable development of humanity, society, and the environment. Today, we are honored to attend the "ESG and Smart Living Forum 2023" organized by HK01 and receive the "Outstanding ESG and Smart Living Enterprise 2023" award. This recognition of our efforts in ESG and sustainable development is a significant encouragement for Optimix.
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