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Eco Build

  • Alkaline and acid resistance
  • Very hard surface finish
  • Zero OPC - Ultra Low CO2 Emissions
  • Easy to apply
  • Extended durability
  • OPTIMIX Eco Build Profiling Mortar

    OPTIMIX Eco Build Profiling Mortar is a high quality and environmentally friendly repair mortar based on Optimix's own patented silicate technology.

    It is a single component pre-bagged powder product incorporating an inorganic binder system and requiring just the addition of water and traditional mixing techniques. The resulting mortar offers outstanding chemical resistance and protection from acids and ion ingress. 

    OPTIMIX Eco Build Profiling Mortar is an ideal solution to the deterioration of concrete in harsh environments such as sewers and coastal structures. It was honorably awarded the Gold Medal with Jury's Commendation from Green Repairing Technology, Salon International Des Inventions Geneva in 2019.

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