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Optimix Achieves Dual Triumph with "Environmental" and "Volunteerism" Awards!

As a pioneering dry mortar company dedicated to product development and manufacturing, we hold a profound appreciation for safeguarding Earth's resources and making meaningful contributions to society. Our unrelenting commitment to environmental protection and volunteerism has borne fruit once more, as Optimix proudly clinches not one, but two prestigious honors: the "EcoPartner & 5 Years+ EcoPioneer of BOCHK Corporate Low-Carbon Environmental Leadership Awards 2022" and the "2022 Annual CISVP Corporate Award for Activeness (SME Group Bronze)". These accolades underscore Optimix's unwavering dedication to sustainable growth and societal well-being.


For Optimix, these awards encapsulate more than just recognition; they epitomize the tangible results of our endeavors in sustainable development and volunteer services. They amplify the impact of our strides in carbon emission reduction and environmental preservation, inspiring a tangible blueprint for sustainable progress. Furthermore, they underscore our proactive engagement and contribution to community volunteer initiatives.


Continuing forward, Optimix remains steadfast in championing environmental preservation, energy efficiency, carbon footprint reduction, and vigorous participation in community volunteer undertakings. Buoyed by these remarkable awards, we are resolute in our mission to foster collaborative partnerships across Hong Kong's diverse sectors, crafting a future that's ecologically conscious and socially enriching.